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Fielding Drills For Youth Pitchers

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Pitcher’s Fielding Practice

Purpose: Rehearse the responsibilities of the pitcher on infield groundballs and bunts.

Drill Set-Up: All pitchers should be lined up behind the mound, with position players stationed all around the infield, including catcher. Outfielders should be wearing helmets standing near the plate to be used as runners. One coach should be in the batters’ box with a bucket of baseballs to be used for the drill.

The Drill: For the first rep, have one pitcher stand on the mound while the others stay back. Place one of the runners near the plate, instructed to run when the ball is put in play. The coach will throw a ball anywhere in the infield to simulate a batted ball. The ball can either be back to the pitcher, or toward first base so that the pitcher is required to cover. Encourage communication and hustle on the part of the pitcher. The catcher should be directing traffic on balls that are in between two positions. Throughout the drill, create different scenarios by placing runners on base, changing the number of outs, etc.

Make it a Game: Make two teams of six players that can form an entire infield. Have them each through twenty reps in a variety of situations. The team that makes the fewest errors during those reps wins the drill.

Provided by Youth Sports Plans: Youth baseball drills can be found at youthbaseballplans.com. If your looking for t-ball drills, visit tballdrills.com

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