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Basketball Pivot And Pass Drill

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1. Pivot Pass Drill

Purpose of the basketball drill: Help players learn how to pivot and pass quickly.

Set up the drill: Players get in groups of three, lined up in a straight line, about 5 feet apart. The center player is the spotlight player. Other two players are “passer” players. One passer player holds a ball.

Description: Passer passes to spotlight player. Spotlight player must pivot all the way to turn and pass to other passer player. That player receives, and passes back to spotlight player. Repeat until spotlight player has passed 10 balls, and then have players rotate.

Variations/tips: More advanced players can use two balls at once – with the passers maintaining a second ball which they bounce-pass between themselves in between passes with the spotlight player.

Have a basketball drill for youth you want to share?

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Hi Coaches,

A dribble that promotes pivoting and linking a variety of other skills is the "Spurs Passing Drill".

It is similar to Four Corner Passing but the players dribble to the middle of the area marked and then pivot/spin to make the pass.


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