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Shooting Issues

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I thought I would share with everyone a really good shooting aid that has helped my son tremendously. This is not some BS one that doesn't do anything. This one actually prevents a player from using their off-arm or turning their thumb inward. It also really helped my daughter learn how to shoot properly with one hand. Just watch the video on the front of website and it really explains it at jstrap.net better than I can.

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Hi Coach,

There are a number of different coaching aids on the market to help players with their shooting.

As a coach I think helping players to know what they should be looking for is the best option though. Most players spend the vast amount of their time not under the supervision of anyone which practicing. So some easy coaching tips are best served by them using them while shooting all the time.

One of the key points we always pass onto players is the need for the shooting arm to line-up with the basket. By this I mean shoulder, elbow, wrist and middle finger lines up with the centre of the basket. Straight arm, straight line to the basket, probably one of the most significant teaching points for increasing shooting accuracy.

Hope this helps...


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