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Pitching Machine Vs Pitching For Batting Practice

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Which do you prefer when training in a batting cage and why? Would you rather get a pitching machine set up and train that way? Or do you prefer to set up a protective screen (like an L-screen) in the cage and have someone throw various pitches? If you prefer the pitcher method over the machine, is it from a monetary standpoint in that a pitching machine costs significantly more than a screen in most cases, or is it because you actually feel that it's a better training method? Let's hear your thoughts on the subject.

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Just my opinion,

I use both. Purchased a Lite Flite pitching machine and use it for instruction and give players the opportunity to see A LOT of pitches and hit a moving ball plus learning to bunt on a lite flite machine is the way to go. Players can get a lot of confidence and start to develop muscle memory by hitting a lot!

I also use an L-screen to teach players to pick up the ball out of the pitchers hand and get a read about the pitch starting from the release point. Unfortunately as age wears on me and my arm I start to get tired trying to throw 30-40 balls per practice to my players.

So, I like both!

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