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Off Season Football Speed Training Kit Closeout

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Save big on Off-season speed and conditioning equipment. Supply is very very limited so grab them while you can. Free shipping site wide this week only.

Combine kit

40" Plyo Box

40 lb Weight Vest

(3) 72x72 Speed Chutes

Power Sled + Harness

(2) Agility Ladders

Power Jumper

(4) Plyo Hurdles

(20) Agility cones

2 Direct Step Dummies



Fit Kit Classic
40 Pound Weight Vest
M 48" Speed Chute
L 56" Speed Chute
XL 72" Speed Chute
Power Sled + Harness
Portable Power Jumper
16' Agility Ladder
Bonus Advanced Ladder DVD included
9 Mini Hurdles
Evasion Belts
40 Dome Markers


Fit Kit #2
(2) 40 Pound Weight Vest
(2) Portable Power Jumpers
(1) Power Bands Package
(2) 16’ agility ladders
(1) Basic Speed Harness
(1) Plyo Hurdle Set
(6) Evasion Belts
(4) Speed Chutes (56")
(12) Adjustable Mini Hurdles
(10) Agility dots
(6) Mini Hurdles


Fit Kit #1
(4) 40 Pound Weight Vest
(2) Power Bands Sets
(6) Speed Chutes (2 L, 2 XL, 2 Speed 6)
(3) 16’ Agility Ladders
(12) Adjustable Mini Hurdles
(1) War Sled Heavy sled Includes 1200D shoulder harness
(1) Advanced Harness Unit
(4) Step Over Bag Dummies
(2) Portable Power Jump
(2) Farmers Walk Bars


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