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Help With 9-11 Defense

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So my son has played flag football for the past couple of seasons and this year I have the privilege :blink:, of helping out. I have been put in charge of defense. Every season my son has played they typically play man to man but doing research it looks like everyone is saying zone defense is better.

So I tried to do that in our first game and the team we played didn't pass very much and they just seemed to run well against us. My problem is running zone seems to just allow runs up the middle and they make a cut and seem to be gone.

What can I do to fix this problem? What kind of defense should I really be running?

Any help would be appreciated.

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macvolcan asked some good questions, answers to those would help.

I'll assume you're playing in a 5v5 league. Running a 2-3 zone with 2 near los and 3 back 5-7 yds is a good start. If you can send a rusher, I usually put the 3 in the back at the rushing start point (usually it's 7 yards). You can send one of those as your rusher or hold them. Most coaches like running a zone defense because they don't always have skilled players at all positions. Running a zone covers those "sins" as a teammate can help cover.

Sounds like needed to make some adjustments during your game. If you run into a team that's not passing much, you can switch to a 3-2 zone or a 2-1-2 zone using your best player as a middle linebacker/rover of sorts.

No matter what zone you run, emphasizing some fundamentals each practice will help tremendously. Where do they look when pulling a flag? Where do they force the runner? What does swarming the runner look like? When does a player "stay home"?

Running some common scenarios against your defense will also help. What happens on a fake in the backfield? What happens if they line up with twins or trips on one side? Looking for clues as to who might be getting the ball (e.g., kid is pointing his body a certain way, wiping his hands on his pants/shorts).

Hang in there, one game won't determine your fate.

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