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I have an absolute speedster on my team that even in height wise he's one the shortest. But with the ball in his hands he can take it to the house on every play. The problem is his teammates. We stress throughout practice the blocking technique and how critical it is but when game time comes no matter how much we coach they freeze out there.

It gets so bad out there that even on one play his blocker out of panic held him until the defender was able to catch up to him.

Are there any plays out there that I can free him up. It seems like his teammates get in the way.

This 7-9 year olds 5v5. And yes most of his teammates are first team SPORTS anything

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What rules do you play under as far as blocking? Do the kids simply get to get set and stop or can they continuosly keep their body in front of D players? What are your passing, exchange, and rush rules?

A lot takes time to deevelop at 7-9 age. I coached kids this age in 4v4. MOstlyw e ran misdirection type plays to isolate runners in 2v1 or 1v1 situations.

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