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7 On 7 Qb Can Run, 5 Second Count Rush 3Rd-4Th Grade

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Format for this upload isn't necessarily the best, just had a hard time trying to upload anything other than a PDF. I have been tweaking the format and presentation of these for a while, but essentially play calling system works like this:

Each wristband is colored differently, each player has 3 sheets, the first two are A-Z of various superhero and video game characters, with Blue and Yellow grid. Come gameday (as I cannot be in the huddle), I will have A-Z pictures of the heros with the name printed on the bottom, really all that matters is the letter and the color of the paper.

So as an example if I hold up Avengers on blue paper, they find avengers go to column blue see their assignment. If they don't remember what that means its diagrammed for them on page 3.

There is little to no worry of the other team picking up on plays as these sheets will be changed game to game, in which I will probably order the first 10-20 plays closer to what my script will be to make it easier to find.

The pass plays are far from dialed in at this stage, so wouldn't spend a lot of time looking at those. All running plays have a 'Fake' Option in which generally the QB will keep it and run with it, with exception being Wolverine where the HB will get the ball after a fake 'TE around'.

what I am most interested in is:

1. Thoughts on the play calling mechanism in general.

2. Thoughts on plays.

3. Thoughts on diagrams, is there a way to spell it out any clearer? I have thought about putting where they line up in one of the empty spaces, to open door for possible additional formations (Currently only have one, although planning on attempting to teach motion which will essentially open up 2 different formations).

let me know if you have any questions.


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