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8X8 For Kindergarten Flag Division - Offense

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After I got good and organized coaching in a 5x5 league for several years, we've moved to a new state and they play 8X8, and I'm coaching in a Kindergarten only division (3 blockers on line, 2 defensive rushers, QB can run, must do pitch out or pass on 1st or 2nd down).

I like to run all plays out of the same formation for kids less than 7. Would folks suggest 4 kids on the line (including center) with a QB and 3 skill players ... or 3 kids on line only?

Any other words of wisdom for an 8X8 league with such young players?

Would love to hear feedback.

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When we played we had 5 on the line, QB, and two backs.



1 2

We had 8 plays on wrist bands taht were color coded. Everyone knew their color. Coach told them in huddle what play and color and it always worked fine. We used to run a lot of fake one of teh backs and hand to the other in the gaps. We had pitches to the backs as well that worked.

Never had the K players. We 8v8 when we were 1st grade. Close enough but good luck.

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I like rickref's suggestion, less congestion in the backfield. I don't think formations or which plays you run will be your biggest challenge though.

Here's a good read on the forum about coaching younger kids with some good back and forth on ideas, just in case you haven't seen it yet.


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