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Anyone have any tips or tricks to help kids pick opponents they are going to cover in a man to man defensive system? After the opposing team comes out of the huddle, they have about 5 seconds to pick there recievers, looking for fast accurate way to help them. We have been using calling out there numbers, but its a bit slower then i would like. Any suggestions????

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When you say "pick their man", are you assigning them the same player every time based on skills levels? Not sure there's an easy way to accomplish this other than practicing it. You're treating it like I would, which is similar to playing M2M basketball on substitutions or timeouts. The players call out the man they're guarding. I realize it's easier in basketball on a timeout situation.

Maybe they get a different identifier other than the number? Shoe color? Shorts? Hair? Something that lets them track their player when in the huddle and something to get a quick ID.

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I never ran into that problem.

Teams in our league never sub during a series. They always switch out at the change of possession.

The times we played man, we stayed with the same guy. If they switched at the possession, we had time to sort it out.

You may need to go to a set up where your guys line up side by side at the line and have the guy on the end take the widest out guy. Your next guy would take the second widest guy, etc.

That leaves you open to the other team picking mismatches though.

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