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Youtube Clips That Teach Fundamentals To New Players

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I currently coach 1st and 2nd graders in a 5v5 league and each season I will have anywhere from a couple to half my team being brand new to football. Some times I felt I didn't do a good job getting them up to speed on the basics as I focused on the majority who already knew the concepts I was reinforcing. I also saw some Dad's teaching and reinforcing some bad habits so these links help to educate them as well. It wasn't until I saw Joe Montana's throwing motion clip below that I realized how bad my own was. In one season, this old linemen increased my own accuracy with my son as well.

Below are the links, followed by the instructions I give the parents. If any of you have found similar links please let me know.

Effective Sprinting/Running Techniques

1) Usain Bolt (World’s Fastest Man)


With this clip point out that he is pumping his arms Cheek to Cheek (hands go from cheek to back pocket). If trying to catch the ball carrier, run like this. If you have the ball, you'll have it tucked in the outside arm, away from the defenders. Point out that Bolt's heels barely ever touch the ground all his power is up on his toes. Also, highlight how you never look side to side at your opponents, just forward when trying to run your fastest. Not a single person in that clip looks side to side. Also point out the guy in the back at the end of the clip, by leaning forward, instead of sprinting all the way the "goal line" he actually slows himself down.

2) Jamaal Charles (KC Chiefs Running Back and Olympic caliber sprinter)


At 20 seconds watch his first four steps. He is pumping his arms and his heels barely touch the ground, he is completely on his toes. Focus on this with a few quick rewinds of his sprint. The rest of the clips show the value of any exercises which require your brain to tell your feet where to go quickly.

3) Ladanian Tomlinson (SD Chargers All Pro RB)


LT is showing how to do a spin move and proper ball placement. Keep the ball in the outside arm. Set up, get your balance, cut to get the defender off balance, then accelerate out of your spin to the endzone. Make them aware that until they can do awesome spin moves in practice, they shouldn't try them in games.

Effective Catching Techniques

Tony Gonzalez (ATL Arguably the Best TE ever to play)


Box out the defender with your body if you can. Get your hands in front Diamonds up when pass is above waist, down when below! Catch with hands when possible. Squeeze the ball with your finger tips when you catch it. Track the ball with your eyes as you tuck it in to your arms. Lastly, look for your defender and run after the catch.

Dez Bryant (DAL WR)


Every catch is with his hands, not his chest. Fingers not palms. This is really hard for young kids as their hand size and strength isn't the same as an adults. But as they move up and you play catch with them, emphasize finger tip catches.

Greg Jennings (GB WR)


Because he only uses his fingers to catch the balls he is able to catch two at once. Notice the blue areas from the sensor gloves he puts on. Almost no part of the ball touches his palms when he catches.

Throwing Techniques

Joe Montana 3 Time Super Bowl MVP with SF


In the link above Joe Montana will tell you how he (and almost all current NFL QBs) throw the ball. Roll your hand so that your thumb points downward and you are pointing at your target to create the spiral. Keep your non throwing arm tucked close to the body. Add power to your throw by rotating your entire upper body at the waste and lastly step in to your throw.

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For QB mechanics, I have been a big fan of this one:

Jim Harbaugh doing a coach clinic when he was younger, covers a lot on what to coach and not over coach on throwing motion. This one isn't probably one you can expect the kids to watch and absorb like the ones you put up there, but really good for coaches to watch.

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