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Hot Routes And Recognizing Defensive Formations

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Just wondering if any of you coaches organize your Play Call sheet to have your plays organized by certain defensive formations, i.e. 2-1-2, 2-3, 1-1-3, etc? Games begin in about a week and I am trying to put this all together but one thing I would like to get better at, is immediately dialing up the right play for the right formation. Looking for tips for the best impact?

I used this method in my first year of coaching ( last year) with decent results, but didn't seem to be organized:

each player was a code word ( state, character, etc) If i called a play and the got into their formation but I saw the Defense go into a 2-1-2 with the middle most likely to blitz, I would call out that player ( code word) followed by a number which correspond to the Route tree ( each player has memorized before the season). So outside receiver in the original play i called was doing a fly route but then i see the middle is going to be wide open I call out that player and send them on a DRAG since no one is going to be there.

I can continue to do that but just curios to see what everyone else's strategies are?

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