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Running The Option

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I run the option a lot. (5 v 5 QB can't run unless blitzed). I have WR come in motion behind the QB (like Army or Navy running the wing T). The QB hands off to the RB and we are off make sure the WR keeps the correct spacing. Have the RB option the outside player if they play a zone man-to-man should be easier. The QB should know the speed of each player to determined when to snap the ball. After a few times you can run a reverse with the other WR. I hope this helps

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I think with it being 5 on 5 it is going to be tough to run it effectively unless you have a very fast QB.

Why would 5 on 5 be a hindrance? The option is generally run outside the tackles anyway, so I would think it would be pretty much the same.

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