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How Do You Pick Your World Series To Go To?

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Hi Coaches or Parents:

I'm really interested how other teams choose which season ending world series they would like to play in. I know you have to sell the idea to your players' parents, and that many world series you have to qualify for, but what factors help you decide which to pursue?

Here are probably a few, and maybe not the order of importance:

Traveling Distance
Game Guarantee
Feedback from previous teams
Organization (USSSA, Triple Crown, so on)
Parents Input
Other Activities

I know cost and distance were the two most important factors in our teams' younger years, but later on we got a great sponsor and other options became more important. So you might have two or three different answers, and that would be fine.

Thanks for your time,


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Interesting question. I think without a sponsor the obvious answer is cost. Although even with a sponsor, cost could still be a huge factor for some parents.

Outside of that then it would somewhat depend on the team. How much travel expericene do they have. If they have a lot of experience then I would say a big factor would be who the other teams are that would be attending. If they don't have a lot of travel experience then a big factor should be location (is it somewhere we want to visit/what other activites are there to do in the area).

Another factor that would effect the decision process would be the age group of the team and what they want to accomplish. If they are high school age then one of the factors would be if there are going to be any coaches attending to evaluate players.

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