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New 8On8 Coach Needs Plays.

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Hey guys thanks for checking my thread out, I've volunteered to coach but really need some basic plays to work from. 8vs8 2nd graders. Help please!

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IMO at that age the biggest thing on offense is to work on the exchanges....center to QB and QB handoffs to RB's in full speed motion. over and over with reps so they can get the exchanges crisp and fast and get kids with the ball moving north and south as fast as possible. a straight run (dive) and a outside run (sweep) and ran it over and over with lots of success. Passing is tough at that age, but they can do it....simple routes...down and out, and quick shovel passes worked best for me.

On defense I would play a zone, and teach the kids how to pull flags the right way....many threads on here about it....get in front, stay square, move your feet, grab the flag at the belt with two hands, focus on the belt when attacking the ball carrier.

Have fun!

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