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Offensive And Defensive Catch In The Endzone - Rule ?

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So here is the scenario.

My team is on defense and offense runs a pass play into the end zone. The offensive player and defensive player both jump in the air for the ball. They both land with their hands on the ball in the end zone. There is about a one second struggle for the ball and my defensive players ends up with possession of the ball.

The refs called a touchdown for offense. Ref said they both had possession of the ball and since they were in the end zone the touchdown goes to the offensive player.

I didn't argue, but believe the offensive player did not have possession and my defensive player had an interception.

Can someone clarify the rule here for me.

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Did some research and answered my own question. Here it is.

A simultaneous catch by players on opposing teams shall result in an immediate dead ball with the offense maintaining possession at the spot of the simultaneous catch. So, since this happened in the end zone....... Touchdown!!

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Generally true simultaneous catch situations the rules provide possesion to the offensive team. Being in an endzone has no bearing on this. Same goes for field of play.

If two players are airborne and both have control as they land then the first persons feet down should be ruled as completeting the catch.

By the way you decsribed this it is a diffcult play for seasoned officials to cover not to mention you have flag officials looking at this can easily have been seen differently.

15 years HS football. 5 years JUCO. 5 years pro indoor football.

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