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New Season-What Are You Doing New?

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Getting ready to start a new season....we play in an "open" league that allows you to keep your team together...mostly the same boys now for 3 seasons, 5th graders in a 5/6 league.

working on keeping it fresh by putting in a few new plays, the boys know the drills and the plays very well and run most of it themselves...trying to push them to go faster to simulate game speed, and also working to schedule more scrimmages to keep it fresh.

What are you all doing different this season?

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Great subject. Time to start thinking about the upcoming season. I just posted a new article titled - What Are You Working on Right Now to Make Your Youth Football Team Better?

Have you taken the time to look back on last years season to see where you need to make improvements? You know how the saying goes about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you have, it may make sense to get some input from a trusted and knowledgeable assistant coach or yes even a competitor. Over time many good youth football coaches are willing to help others and yes that even means competitors.

What needs to change in order for you to meet your mission with the inputs and dynamic you are in? I know some coaches that are changing their entire defensive scheme, the one they’ve used for years simply because it wouldn’t accommodate the lack of talent they had, square peg in round hole with horrendous results. <Read More>

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