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Hello New Guy With Awards Question

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I am a coach/ref/commissioner for a league, so yeah we are kinda overworked.

Anyway last year we only had 3 team so everyone got a medal.

This year we have 4 teams, a disagreement has arose as to how we award.

Do we leave one team out in the cold with ribbons or such for 4th, do we give 4th place medals, or do we give only gold and silver medals?

Everyone seems to have a different take on what is fair and I'm grateful for any outside opinions.

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Depends upon the type of league you're running and your philosophy. I'm guessing this is a rec league with an emphasis on fun and getting plenty of touches for all the kids. The problem with standings and awards in a rec league is you can run into coaches trying to stack their team with the best players. You can also run into kids getting cheated of playing time or ball touches for the sake of a win. It depends on how you allow teams to be formed. Most kids want to play with their friends, so you'll have two teams that are strong and two that have newer players/coaches.

I'm not in favor of everyone gets an award even in a rec setting like that. It's not real life. You can however, add some parity to the league by filtering how teams are formed and spreading out the talent or making sure teams get every player a solid ball touch each game. Something to reduce the change of a team rolling over everyone else because they run their two best kids all the time.

I'd still give out 1st and 2nd place, but throw in a few other awards. Best sportsmanship, most improved player, best teammate, etc. Maybe those are certificates with a coupon from a local pizza place. If you have a few other chances for everyone to get an award, that helps. Everyone can exhibit good sportsmanship, improve, encourage their teammates. You could have the coaches turn in names before end of season.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the input, due to geographic issues the teams cannot be reformed, so it is what it is.

We decided to have the league award 1st place medals only and then each team give something for showing up to each kid, and each team gives out MVP and such for their team.

So its not everyone gets a medal, but everyone who plays the season gets something, and even if you aren't on the winning team you can get extra awards for your effort.

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