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A Few More Rule Questions

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I first will say thanks to the members that have helped so far, if there is somewhere else online I should go for IFAF rule clarifications I will be happy to go there. Until then I will probably be here quite a bit. :)

First question. A runner has the ball and has gained yardage he flag guards and the defender holds him.

IFAF rule says

If live ball fouls by both teams are reported to the referee, the fouls offset and the down is replayed.
1. When there is a change of team possession during a down, and the team last gaining possession had not fouled
before last gaining possession, it may decline offsetting fouls and thereby retain possession after completion of the
penalty for its foul.
2. When a live ball foul is administered as a dead ball foul, it does not offset and is enforced in order of occurrence.
In the above case is it offset and replay the down or does the ball stay at the spot of fouls and play the next down.
I'm not really getting the 2nd exception.
Second issue we had a runner that had gained yardage and a whistle was blown by a fan. All the refs heard it and were distracted the play continued and the flag was pulled after more yardage was gained. Offense argued that since play continued and the defense keep moving the play should stand. However on a accidental whistle by the ref the team gets a choice of spot of the whistle or replay the down. I don't see how the play can be allowed to go after a loud clear whistle regardless of who blew it.
Thanks again for anyone that can help

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The way I understand it is of the fouls offset, the down is replayed from the original los. The second exception refers to a dead ball foul. If there's a dead ball foul and using your case above, the flag guarding would be penalized first, then the hold.

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