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cazador suerte

What Will You Do New This Year?

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Been coaching for a few seasons now and always start the season thinking about what to do different/better than last season.

For me, it will be experimenting with some different defensive formations, and bringing the rusher from other places on the field besides right up the middle.

On offense, working to keep it simple, and work on getting more completions/catches....too many dropped balls the last couple of seasons. Also, going to work on going faster .....mix in some no huddle stuff....

What are you going to do different this season??

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calewine    0

I agree the board has slowed down but I still find it very helfpul. I coach in i9 and am about to start my 8th season (2 kids) and since we get just one practice a week and it's on game day, I plan to continue to use what I've learned works. That is to keep it simple and only add new wrinkles about 1/2 way through the season. I intend to go into the season with just 5-6 plays for the 3rd/4th and 5th/6th grade diviisons. I have 12 that I've used over time but am going with the plays that I like to call most often. When the kids have those down I will add another one or two.

For defense I am doing the same as you and bringing pressure from different angles. I had a really fast kid last year and toward the end of the season I rushed him from the right corner back spot to push the oppossing QB to my defenses right. It was very effective. I also ran into a team who ran a 2-3 zone who sent 2 blitzers from both edges at my QB on all extra points, as well as 4th & shorts. The strategy worked so well I stole it for my last 2 games and it worked for me too.

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Coach Rob    25

Forums tend to do that (slow down) for some reason over time. I ended up more in the basketball realm, but I still keep a hand in flag football, although I'm not actively coaching a team. One thing I introduced in the later years was using an audible on both offense and defense. Most of the time, the audibles didn't mean anything. In fact, we only had a few that were live and actually meant something. We'd played a lot of seasons together as a team and I could tell the kids needed something fresh to keep it interesting. Our kids got a kick out of being mini Peyton Mannings; it was equally fun to watch the other teams try and figure out what our audibles meant.

Best of luck to you guys this season.

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johnmiku    0

Hello. I'm a first year coach. With an entire team that has never played before. So for me everything is new. I've post another thread looking for ideas. Thanks guys.

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