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defending a passing team

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Hi everyone.

I have been coaching a long time but I am struggling a bit to figure out the right technique for defending a strong passing team. I coach NFL flag team 5 on 5 (4th and 5th graders). Most of my kids have been together a while. We are a strong team not the strongest though. A lot of the teams in our division are pass first run second. I switched my defense this year to 1-3-1. I always blitz the inside guy. I also switched more to zone than man to man. Just felt like we were getting burned a lot in man. I teach my kids to keep the receivers in front of them and watch the QB eyes. Stay in your zones. 

I am sure there is more I could be doing. Any suggestions for how to improve? Change defense up a little? Should I always blitz or just sometimes? 

Any input is appreciated. Thanks


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Coaching Youth Fooball - Football Plays

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