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How Do I Run Against The 6-2 Defense!

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I face some kind of 6-2 defense quite often. NORMALLY I can run off tackle with no problem # 5 or #6 holes. usually power slants. Then I run option to try and get to the outside. and over the years counter traps have been the most effective.




----------------------------0 0 0 X 0 0 0-------------------------------------------------------




If the play side D-tackle is head up or inside shoulder the O-tackle takes him the tight end kicks out the d-end the play side gaurd goes to Backer the Full back blocks the corner and the half back keeps a slant angle to the sideline for normally a big gain.


Play side tight end doubles down on D-tackle then scrapes off to backside backer. Flanker cracks play side backer. Full back kicks out corner. Qb options D-end if he commits pitch it to halfback if he contains qb cuts it up.


Play side tight end doubles down on D-tackle then to play side backer. Back side gaurd pulls and traps end. QB fakes to fullback then fullback picks up D-lineman in that hole. QB does outside handoff to flanker coming around. QB and half back continue down the line showing option action.

hope that helps it just comes down to your players being able to execute.

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HI Coach,

The 6-2 does not want you to run inside... so... run outside. Quick pitch, sweep, options and wing counters are good choices. They give your linemen the opportunity to angle block and cause the d-line to have to run a lot. Pulling guard(s) are outside of the LB's and can log them inside. If your guards can't pull, teach them how and insist they do it. A lot of youth coaches don't believe young kids can pull. I hope you are not one of them.

Out side pass routs and combo routs with the wide out and slot or TE and slot will also help to loosen the 6-2.

If you QB can't throw run an out side rout show it anyway just to let the defense know you are going to go wide.

With some success you will force the D to get out of the 6-2 thus allowing your line men to chance to block a front they are more able to do. If the D does not adjust... keep running and passing to the out side.

Technique wise. I double at the point of attack and have the rest of the line block their base rule of On, Inside gap, Backer.

Coach A

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I agree with Caoch A.... they don't want you to run inside. Go outside.

Use misdirection bootlegs. You must pass or learn to. Quick outs are good. Toss, sweep.

But remember, you must run inside at some point.

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Another play to help keep the Linebackers honest is a fake dive, two step drop pop pass to the fake side. Have the fake side TE release immediately straight up the field looking for the ball as soon as they are free. This will set up a counter power or slam, quick pitch away, etc... As Coach A said, a 6-2 doesn't want you to run inside. But if you don't keep them honest they'll simply key on the outside. You better have excellent speed, and blocking backs if your going to only go outside.

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It depends on the type of athletes you have on the field, my 6-2 starts off as a 5-3 we shift our D-line strong 1 gap(Mike calls the shifts and motions)(D-Line slants strong side and if we see motion Lou and Rob linebackers slant motion side. We are bringing 8 unless TE releases) and bring the weak side LB up as a 2nd DE. Only thing that burns us is a quick I mean quick pop pass for a gain of 4 to 8 yards. But we are working on that read with our backers with a delay an read. Like coach G of BT said dont run outside thats what we are waiting for since you offensive guys love your speed game. Good Luck

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