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I will be coaching 5th through 8th graders in the spring. These are girls who are showing some promise as runners. I want to keep it fun, but also for improvement to occur. Any suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi DougO,

First of all, you're dealing with girls, very tempermental girls. Doug, I'm a female coach, I was also an athlete. Man when I tell you my coaches caught the mood swings. Just hang in there.

You definitley want to keep it fun to keep their attention but you'd also like to see improvement. My suggestion, keep accurate notes of all workouts to be sure improvements are being made. When you notice slacking pull that person aside and talk to them. What I do with my youth girls is during streching, we go over the workouts for that day. I let them know what's expected and times that they should hit.

Keep it fun...break up stress!!!! When you feel you're losing them, stop...regroup, try something fun... But accurate record keeping will be the key point.

good luck!!!

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You might want to check out the comprehensive dvd we just added from Harvey Glance, the Alabama, head track and field coach. The program presents nine detailed chapters: warm up drills, the start, sprinting techniques, finishing the race, the relay, hurdles, warming down, weight training, and fall and spring workout schedules. It is packed with 105 minutes of techniques, tips and drills.

Training for Track and Field: Sprints, Hurdles, and Relays DVD

Good Luck,


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