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Mom Needs Help On Coaching 5 On 5 Football

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I am a single mom of a cheerleader who wanted to play football so i put her in this NFL FLAG Football program. She and my Godson will play together. However, since know one wanted to coach and they knew that i coached volleyball and cheerleading they asked if i would mind picking up football so now i need help on plays and i guess everything else. Watching UT football is much different than teaching 9 & 10 year old kids.

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Can you explain the rules. I coach tackle football and I have coached flag in the past but have never had an experience with 5 on 5 flag.

Here are some sites you can reference for basic football skills:



You can go to the links page on both and there a lot more.

Coach Gregory

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I did a quick yahoo search on 5 man flag football and got a bunch of hits on the flag football and even one on 9 man flag but nothing on 5.

In the same vein as Coach Gregory said, go through the rule book and make sure you know them. You can then do a search on flag football at yahoo or dogpile or you favorite search engine and start adapting plays from other flag systems to 5 man.

Good Luck.

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