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Hi Gabirele,

Okay, I'm not sure what the ages are for your athletes. But if they are new commers I'd start with the basics. Have them stand against the wall. Extend their arms back to establish a marking on the wall. I used tape to mark my athletes reach. If you're using the up high exchange method, train them to roll their arm out and back locking the elbow plam up and out with L shape between index finger and thumb. have them move their arms in a running motion for a three count and then have them reach back hitting their mark on the wall. that will teach them how to receive the baton and where their mark should be. That's a start. I usually have my kids do enough sets where their arms are tired. Then after a break restart the process again. That's my method, maybe someone out there has better one. But try it and see.


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I have been coaching Jr. High for 2 yrs now and I have found that the best way to handoff was by having the recieving kid place his/her left hand down tight against the body and put the hand in an upside down "V" shape with fingers together. If the arm is kept tight to the body during take off then kid handing off (from their right hand) can usually slap it upward into their hand. This also allows for the kid handing off to aim for the leg and the baton will slide up into the hand. This only works if the hand/arm is tight against the body. When we start we usually run the kids in the order they are going to run in the meet and start about 50 meters apart then run at full speed towards the handoff spot. Then we have the kids yell go when they get close. The reciever then looks forward and takes off fast without looking back. As they continue to practice this eventually they dont have to yell go anymore and can do it visually. If worked for us in high school and we ran the 4x1600 in 3:29.8. If it doesnt work there are always other methods.

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