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Hi. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting a kid to not throw the bat after making contact. I have a 9 year old on a kid's pitch league who was called out 3 times in our last game for throwing the bat. Trying different approaches, but thought someone may have a good tip. thanks...

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You would think after being called out three times for throwing the bat that it would start to sink in.

A couple of ideas:

(1) Make sure you re-inforce this in practice and call the kid out everytime he throws the bat in practice or during a scrimmage.

(2) Teach the player to carry the bat with him towards first base and drop it on the way down.

I think this will probably take care of itself, it may take a few more outs, but believe me all kids want to get on base so this will eventually sink in and the player will change this habit.


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During a game, try putting a hat, glove or some other target out of play several steps down the baseline and instruct the player to drop the bat on the target after hitting the ball.

During practices I would sometimes split the team up and do a controlled scrimmage or after hitting practice have the player run out the last hit. Do the same thing with a target down the first base line to drop the bat. If he throws the bat, immediately call him out. Make sure to talk to him each time he does it wrong and then make him take a swing at the plate and run down the line dropping the bat on the target.

This has worked for me on a number of players over the years.

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