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John Taylor

Middle School 200 Meter Race

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My son is 12yrs old and he runs the 200 meters for the 7th grade track team.This is his first competitive school sport that he has competed in. At his first meet he ran against other kids that had been through the conditioning of basketball and football and came in 5th place. I thought that was real good. How can he improve in speed and time the 200 meter race?


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Over training is the key! Your child should be running 250 & 300 meters. This will give the overage needed in finishing the 200. This is not an easy race therefore the athlete has to be able to handle the latic acid build up in his glutes. Your athlete shoud sustain maximum or near-maxium sprint speed over a longer distance. There should be a very short recovery between intervals. This training forcing the athlete to contend with incomplete recovery and high lactate presence on the second rep. This type of over training works wonderus. I woud suggest 1-300 m with a jog back going directly into 1 250 m with a jog back and finishing with another 250 m with a complete rest afterwhich. ;)

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