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Being Agressive Is The Batter's Box

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My son is an 8 year old in his 3rd year in Little League. He is in the middle of Little League All Stars right now and is shining on the field at 3rd base. For some reason though as opposed to in-house season where he killed the ball, he is not being agressive in the batter's box right now. He has become tentative, waiting to long and not attacking the ball. He rarely strikes out, but he walks to much. What i mean by that is, he is one of the better hitters on the team, and they do not need him to walk. He has been told that at each at bat, he can expect perhaps 1 or 2 hittable pitches, and still he waits.

in addition, he has not been following through with his swing. he skyed a pop up yesterday because he didn't follow through.

any advise is greatly appreciated about both topics.

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Hello Sir:

First off I would like to tell you that your son being (8) eight years of age and making it to the All-Star team is a tremendous accomplishment in it's entirety!!!

Sir, at times, and I am not in no way suggesting that this is you, that there are people that are in your circle of life, and surrounding person's who has a tendancy to influence the descision making situation for your (8) eight year old son of what may seem an UN-REALISTIC EXPECTATION(S) for an (8) eight year old child in the thoughtless act of MANIPULATION!!!

For example:

1. "He did so good during the season, we should be so fortunate to have him on this All-Star team"

PROBLEM: now the (8) eight year old child must give the best performance of his life because he was put on the All-Star team, when they could have gotten someone else.

2. "We are really depending on his bat for this All-Star team"

PROBLEM: being in the All-Stars is pressure to a child, like an adult finding out He/She will be fired from their job if they don't step up their game. How ever will they pay the rent/mortgage, bills, etc. you get my meaning don't you!!!

3. "Hey Dad, your son is just standing up there at the plate? why is he taking all the walk's, when we need his thundering bat we saw all season"?

PROBLEM: UN-REALISTIC EXPECTATION(S) of MANIPULATION from adults who are so competative, that they are totally oblivious to the Psycological Vice Grip on your (8) eight year old's (emotions, mentally, physically, and spiritually)

So Sir, this is just a few of the many aspects of people controlling the outcome of a child!!!

If you love him... Save your son from these people before it's to late!!!

Good Luck

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