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Drills For 7-9 Year Olds Tackel Football

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I'am a new coach looking for drills and practice plans for 3rd and 4th grade tackel football...any help would be appreciated.....thanks harns

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Look down the list a bit in this forum and you will see similar threads.

Outside of that, there are some good web sites you can look through such as Oskie or go through some of the links at the bottom of the page at Coaching Resource. There are some really good books out there for skills and drills as well.

All that said, at that age, keep the drills simple, keep the to the fundamentals, keep them fun. The less standing around the kids do, the better. In other words, standing single file waiting for your turn to hit the bag is not as much fun as, say, actually hitting the bag. You can't get completely away from that type of drill - you have to see each kid and have a chance to do individual coaching from time to time. However, the more action the kids are doing and the less standing around, the better. You know what they say about idle hands....

Build your fundamentals one step at a time....they can not come out of 3 point stance until they can get into a three point stance. Build it one brick at a time, review yesterday's stuff quickly today, and never assume they have any idea what you mean by "Get Fit" or "Take the angle"....make sure you explain it to them. anyway, back to progressions (brick by brick)....say you want to teach a CB going into coverage. The basic steps are back-pedal, hip turn, and run with the reciever. No, it is hard to backpedal if your stance is incorrect. Start by teaching stance. When they have that, teach the backpedal from the stance. Next, teach the hip turn. Run drills for the hip turn. When they have the hip turn, review stance and backpedal briefly and then string them together so you have Stance, backpedal, and hip turn......move on in the same manner all the way through coverage. Build other positions the same way...OL: teach flex at the knees and then drop into three point stance. When they have that, teach the first step out of the stance....when they have that, teach the second step and when they master that, start stringing all three together.....and on and on.....

If they can not do the fundamental steps to blocking or tackling, then teaching the double reverse is going to get you nothing.

Good Luck.

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