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Free Downloadable Awards Certificates

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Help! I am planning end of season fun nights for my two girls softball teams and am trying to find some free downloadable awards certificates that feature GIRLS playing ball on them....everything I've found so far has boys on them. Thanks for your help!!!

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What I've done is not free and took a bit of figuring, but it was nice....I went to Staples and got the blue and gold awards paper, a gold "ribbon" sticker and folders in the same color as our uniforms.

I had Stapes copy the team picture on photo paper.

copied the article from the town newspaper.

configured the girls names to fit into the award in the right space.(I did this on a blank paper and a sacrificed award)

configured a space for the Manager's name and the coaches names and the date of the season

Bundled all these together into the folder and gave them to the girls at the trophy night, with their trophies. This was a huge hit because al the other teams just handed out trophies. But as my team(s) have won the championship (s) it sort of put a nice spotlight on them. Loads of parents came up to me and asked if the league did this.

Most of all the girls have told me that their award is framed and is hanging in their houses along with other family awards and trophies.

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