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Coaching 5 & 6 Year-olds

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I played baseball all through my youth and into college. However, playing and coaching are two different things. This will be my second year coaching my son's 5 & 6 year-old "coach-pitch" team. This year I'd like to do a better job and would appreciate any input some of you here may have.

One thing I did learn from last year was to break the kids into three groups during practice;

one hitting/fielding

one throwing/catching

one taking grounders

The problem was that we practiced only one day a week for about an hour (remember we're talking short 5 & 6 year old attention spans). I had a hard time finding time to teach them all I should have. I'm thinking about going to two day a week practices.

The league I coach in is basically the same a tee ball league only the coach pitches to the kids instead of having them hit off the tee.

Any hints, tips, suggestions or resources would be greatly appreciated, especially regarding running practices.

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At this age group, teach them to have fun. Do fun drills. Don't worry about how much they learn. If they have enough fun, they will return year after year until they're old enough to take the game seriously enough to pay attention.

Personally, I think 5-6 coach pitch is absurd. I would be concerned kids will give up baseball because they can't hit before they have developed the motor skills to properly play the game.

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