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Please, more information on your question is needed. Are you talking about "Imagery" in sports training, such as mental techniques like visualizing one's self performing their athletic skill successfully? Certainly it is well established that the technique of visualizing one's own performance is very effective at skill building.

The perspective of sports imagery, and Christianity is a connection I've never heard before. Certainly mental imagery can be "abused" by a wandering mind, but it's not as if we can just turn our brains off and stop seeing images in our heads, we are after all humans. Our minds are always active anyway, always in thought of some kind; and this includes having mental images, visualizing, day dreaming, etc. So the question becomes- what kinds of images are in our head?

Since we can't get rid of thought, the concern then for all good people, including Christians ;) should be to have good thoughts. I don't see a problem, and I've accepted Christ.

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