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I am a new coach for middle school girls track and field. We have had 80 girls sign up for the season on a team which doesn't cut. I know we may not maintain all 80, however it is still a large number to organize let alone assess skill. I have a few volunteers but not all the time. We have a short season running March 31- June 3 with our first meet taking place May 2nd. Any thoughts, suggestions, prayers???? Did I mention I've never done this before?

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First thing....Relax..It will be fine...

1) Take time trials- You have serveral ways of determining who will be able to do what events.

a) If they're "big boned" for lack of a better term, you know chances are they'll be doing your field events. So that eliminates a few.

B) Take the entire group on a timed run. Let me suggest about a 10 run. From that you may want to list all the girls and be sure to post the times that they finished. What I do is put a watch on a watch. That means I time the timed run. Based on their times you'll know your "true" distance runners from your middle distances and sprinters.

c) Next time you ladies in the 100 m dash. Of course you're narrowing the field. You find out who the true sprinters are at that time. Then time the 200 m dash. Afterwhich time the 400 m dash, then the 800 m dash. You've already covered the mile with the 10 min. run.

By then you should have a clearer picture of what each lady can do. Of course you know that all 80 will probably not stay. But once you find out what type of events to put each athlete in things won't be so bad. Then your volunteers can each take a group and work out. I hope this helps. Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you. And good luck. I'll check my post often this week. I'm actually hosting a track meet this weekend.

Good luck- directorjaguarstexas

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