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How To Attack 6-3 Defense

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NO, think off tackle power, slant towards the tackles outside butt cheek and get to the corner hard and fast.

Then misdirection a counter of some sort, then power pass to the back side TE on a post route.

That is what I do VS a 6-3. Now remember the middle backer in a 6-3 is probably their stud and probably plays a little deeper that the other backers so he is hard to block. Also make sure if you pass to establish off tackle for positive yards then play action pass. If you come out thinking pass that guy will bait you and make you think the post pattern is open but he will have some pass coverage ability and could screw things up for you.

Hope that helps, I played 6 teams in the last two years that run a 6-3 They know I do not like to pass and try and bait me to throw but I wait and wait then kill them on play action.

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