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Coaching Videos And Books, Which Ones To Buy?

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Hello to All. I will be coaching my daughters team (6-7 yrs. olds softball) and don't have any coaching experience. I asked the other dads and moms but none of them wanted to coach so I volunteered. Can anyone please recommend any books or videos to buy that will help me? None of the girls have ever played before so I want to make sure sure I teach correct technique to start with. I need all the help I can get.


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Welcome to the coaching ranks. I have a couple of suggestions for you. I coach older girls (14U and 16U) and don't have any experience coaching 6-7 year olds. I would recommend a book entitled "Coaching Girls Softball" by Kathy Strahan. I've never read it, but I have read her book on coaching basketball and it gives excellent advice for new coaches. It's not just a skills and drills book, but also gives pointers on the role of the coach, strategies for coaching young female athletes, and physical and psychological differences between boys and girls. If you're a guy, like me, you'll find the last part especially useful. The book is available from Amazon for under $10, or from Barnes & Noble for $13.50 if you want to look at it in person before you spend the money. You can even do what I do which is to go to B&N to look at the book and then go home and order it from Amazon ;)

After you've read that you can find excellent tips and drills from the eteamz site. The direct link to fastpitch softball tips and drills is http://eteamz.active.com/fastpitch/instruc...cfm?m=1,2,3,4,5

Look through those and pick out some you think will work best and then give them a try. You'll notice that some will be instant hits and some will flop, but believe me, even after spending the past 13 years coaching baseball and softball, I still try new things every year and quickly dump anything that doesn't work out with that year's team.

Having said all that, remember that the number one goal should ALWAYS be that your players have fun. Don't coach to win ball games, instead coach to ensure that every girl on your team is enjoying their time and developing a love for the game of softball.

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Great post BlitzkriegBob you have it right on the money. KEEP IT FUN!!

The Eteamz website is also a great resource.

We also carry many videos here at Y-coach.com but most deal directly with the apect of pitching. Another video that you may find helpful is the 59 Minute Baseball Practice Video. This video is geared towards baseball but the basic philosophy will transfer to coaching softball. We also have a coaching database with many drills geared towards the younger group. I have added some links below for your review.

Y-coach - Coaching Database

Instructional Softball Videos

Where's The Play CD-Rom

Softball Skills DVD

Softball Drills DVD

In Christ,

Schann Holladay


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