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Starting A Youth Football Team

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I have been ask to Coach And Start a youth football team in my town. I am looking for information on everything there is to know about starting and coaching a youth football team. I have football knowledge I was hoping there was something out their that could help with the start-up.

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Well, I am assuming (yeah I know that is dangerous :D ) that this is an established league and you are simply starting a new team. Going on that assumption, I would give the following advice:

- Try to get a good mixture of ages so that you have a core of players coming back next year as well as having effective players this year

- Type a letter to the players and parents that outlines the rules of the team so that there are no questions as to what you expect of them

- After you draft your team, meet with the players and parents. Hand out the letter you drafted and explain all the rules. Thank the parents for signing their kids up and make it clear that "the kids can't drive". They rely on the parents to get them to practices and games.

- Keep the age of the kids in mind when putting your playbook together. It's better to keep it simple to minimize mental mistakes.

- Keep it fun for the kids. If they are not enjoying playing football now they probably won't play in the future.

Also, use the following internet sites as resources for information:

The Football Coaches Reference Site


The Zone - A football Coaching Site

Hope this helps.


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Hi Martin,

well the first thing you should do is look for a local league and try to find out when there are football competitions. There are many factors in which one has to take into account before taking your first training session. If you can, try to find a sponsor who will be kind enough to donate money into the club's kitty, to buy football kits, training gear, pumps, balls etc. Then, if succesful, try to advertise in local shops and newspapers and spread the word to neigbours and members of the public. You can never get enough players for a trial! And the rest is history as they say. Good luck and hope to here of your success soon!

Chris Taylor

Manager, Finchley United Football Club

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