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jim Waite

Bill Self Approved High Low Motion Manual

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From: "waitej24" <waitej24@hotmail.com>

Date: Thu Apr 27, 2006 3:10 pm

Subject: Bill Self approved High Low Motion Manual waitej24@hotmail.com

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Coaches I know there have been numerous questions about the High Low

Manual that I have recently produced. Thanks to all my coaching friends,the word is slowly trickling out about the

book. For any coaches who might be interested in an offense that is

tough to deal with against man 2 man and that can be used with even

average to below average post players, you might want to take a look

at this manual. Our 3 post players this year were 2 soccer kids and

our football quarterback. Each kid shot over 50% from the field and

we averaged over 30 points per game in the post using the simple

techniques described in the manual. Our 2 soccer kids were never

considered good players before this season and both of them ended up

making our all region team. The offense is also solid for perimeter

guys who use screens and especially for "slashers" who may have

limited outside shooting ability. I love the offense and believe in

it because I think it can for the most part make every kid on your

team a threat to score. We have had great success with the offense

and went 18-6 this year with a team that all the coaches in our

league felt was "very limited". The manual has been approved by

Coach Self and his entire staff at Kansas including Danny Manning

and their written comments are included in the manual for your

review. I spent a great amount of time and money on travel expenses

learning the offense directly from Coach Self and his staff always

looking for new ideas that might help my kids to succeed. If

interested, please contact me at waitej24@hotmail.com.... The cost of

the manual is 25 dollars but that does include your shipping. Best

of luck and "good hunting" to all coaches in this off season as we

search for new ideas to help our programs. If you have any further

questions, do not hesitate to contact me........Jim

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