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3-4 Yo Teeball Ideas

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I am about to start coaching 3-4 yearold co-ed teeball in June. Ive never coached before and am looking for advice and ideas. Ive always played sports and know the game but I am worried about the coaching aspect. My 4 year old played soccer last season and their was much crying and lots of not wanting to play by almost all the kids. I'd like some fun ideas and ideas on keeping their attention and morale about playing up. Also silly drills they will think are fun? Any advice appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Thats a tough age group to work with. More so than silly drills I have found that getting 2 or 4 parents to help and breaking them down into small groups works well. Come to practice organized and ready to work on the things you want to work on. Have a schedule and stick with it. In other words keep things moving and keep everyone active. Most younger kids enjoying hitting alot, so bring more than one tee and keep multiple tees going at the same time. You can throw in soft toss so that they can start to get used to hitting without the T.

A couple of fun things we have done that the kids really seem to enjoy are base racing, i.e. two lines racing to either first, second, third or all the way home. This is somewhat silly but it it good for learning to run the bases. The second one is we have set-up two or three T's and had a homerun hitting contest.

Be sure to check out our drills database for some more drills.

In Christ,


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