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Practice Plans For 6-8 Machine Pitch League?

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Do anyone have any practice plans or ideas for this type of league? I have a couple of ideas, but could use help. I will be a first year head coach next year and I am trying to get a head's up. I have helped coach the past couple of years, but the practices didn't keep the kids interested too much. I want something that will keep the kids interested and having fun as well. Any help would be greatly apprecciated.

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Keep it short and hour to an hour and 15 minutes tops. Enlist help so that you can break your players down into small groups of 3 or 3 players. That way there is no one standing around. Stick to the fundamentals.

Hitting Group:

Soft toss

Tee work

Machine Pitch or Coach Pitch

Fielding Group


Fly Balls




Situational work

Coaches I am sure there is more to add so add away.

I always try to bring them in as a group at the end and have a short scrimmage. This gives you a chance to work on baserunning and fielding situations.

Good luck and God Bless.


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Think of it this way. They want to have fun and become better ball players.

What type of drills did you enjoy the most when you played? Use those, explore new ones (try them out yourself first) see which ones the team responds to the most and use those!

Keep changing things up and improving yourself. You wont get everything perfect the first time. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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We try to make it fun and interesting for the kids by introducing a new skill each practice. In this age group, fundamentals are just the beginning. Having them pay attention seems to be the hardest to do...so we break it up into different areas so each kid isn't standing around waiting for a ball to be hit to him. We have one group go into the batting cage and rotate. We work with our infielders, gradually building them up into game situations. Outfielders also have their own session, taking pop ups and grounders and hitting the cut-off man each time. We usually introduce a new skill, anything from something as simple as running on the inside corners of the bag to having them pickup the 1st/3rd base coaches as they are running. Then towards the end of the practice, we'll have a short 2 inning scrimmage (kids really love this part).

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