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How Many Pitches ?

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How many pitches should a pitcher throw in practice?

I have read 300 pitches in a week so that breaks down to 70 or so pitches.

Does this count warmup too?

I have a 12yr old daughter


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I don't think the number of pitches really matter. The time that is put in to the pitching practice is what matters. When I first started pitching, I would practice for at least 45 minutes to an hour. Mostly working on accuracy in each corner. Then I would work on each individual pitches. I think that is more of a time because that is what will build up the endurance for a pitcher when it is time to play during the summer months when you may play 3 or 4 games that day. I think that if I had to pick a number, for a 12 year old girl that 150 is OK, then move up as she gets older.

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