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What Age Should Kids Start Being Taught Pitching Fundamentals

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i was curious if anyone has any advice on what's a good age to start teaching pitching fundamentals.. my son just just turned 7 last week and he's really interested in pitching, what if any should be some things i should teach him, i know one thing at that age is not trying to throw any breaking pitches just straight balls, but are there any other drills or techniques that i should show him or shouold i wait until he gets older??

thanks in advance for any replies

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The fundamentals can be taught at any age as long as the child will pay attention..lol. Concentrate on accuracy at 7, make it fun set up a tire and throw throught the hole or even you and him playing catch with you telling him to throw to the glove. Any kid that can throw strikes at 8 or so is a great pitcher. Look around on the web ...try webball.com lots of info and illustrations.

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I have a team of 8 and 9 year olds. This is there first year to pitch so they are all over the place. Everyone tells me to watch there pitch count to make sure they are not throwing to many pitches. Also at this age they SHOULD NOT be trying to throw curve balls. I have heard horror stories of kids elbows getting all jacked up.

To me as long as the kid is acurate I will let them pitch. All of them are all over the place but it just takes practice.

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it depends on what you mean by fundamentals.

I would work on fastball, and changeup only. The most important thing for youth is to keep in mind long term strength. Work on speed, strength, stamina, endurance, accuracy. Types are really not that important if these things are not optimal.

here is a comment i posted to another user:

"Play catch. Everyday and several times a day. Throwing the ball at a controlled speed (not overthrowing) constantly will improve endurance, speed, and accuracy.

It sounds simple and it is. The change takes longer but you will have long lasting results. A strong well developed arm that can last longer, recover faster after pitching and injuries, and throw more pitches with better accuracy.

Do this at differnent lengths. Long toss, short toss, under hand, try mixing it up to make it fun by flipping the ball back and forth like SS and 2nd base double play drills.

The long toss is ideal for strength but has other benefits

the short toss is good for edurance and has other benefits

the trick passes/throws is good for accuracy and keeps it fun and again has other benefits."

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