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Coaches Who Never Lose ...... (frank L. Small)

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Hello again,

Here I am again. My name is Bert Brinkman and I am a dutch youth volleyball coach.

Besides that I am also one of the editors of Volley Techno, the magazine for volleyball coaches in the Netherlands and Belgium.

For my club (Dros Alterno) I am busy to organize a meeting about coaching. The key issue in this meeting will be the book from Frank L. Small and Ronald E. Smith: "Coaches who never lose ..... making sure athletes win, no matter what the score".

I think this is a very import 'book'.

I was wondering:

1. do you know this way of coaching?

2. is there some one who can help me with a powerpoint presentation about 'coaches who never lose' (so I can use some parts of it in my meeting for our coaches?

Thanks for any reaction!


p.s. I have post this message also in the volleyball forum, but ....... it maybe also a general topic!

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