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My Son Wants To Quit Football

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I was hoping that anyone here may know of a way to motivate or encourage my son to play football.

He has been playing some running back and cornerback. Last night during a scrimmage he had a nice run that ended in a smash. Today while sitting at home he just decides he doesn't want to get hit anymore.

Does anyone know how to overcome that issue. He is 9 years old.


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That is always a tough one. You don't say anything about how your son usually feels about the game. Has he always been excited about playing football? Is he usually excited about practice and games?

I would say that if the answer is yes then you should try and reason with him that he needs to stick it out and finish the season. If the answer is no then you might want to let it go and see if you can find some other interests.

I have a feeling that this has probably already worked itself out.



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