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I don't know how effective it is as far as form and technique, but I can tell that I bought one for my kids and they use it more than any other device I have tried.

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Your wasting your time. My cousin is a Division 1 baseball coach and says the product is garbage...unless you just want to hit a ball and not worry about being a good hitter.

Hit off a tee. Everyday or as much as you planned w/ a hitaway. My 5 year old hits almost 100 balls a day off tee & his swing is fundamentally correct...can hit pitched balls, again fundamentally correct.

Talk to any big time coach or pros...and they are not using the hitaway.


If you really want to be a good hitter, find a way to get coaching...camps...hitting schools...

Good luck.

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While the Hit-A-Way has its benefits, particularly giving the opportunity to get a large number of swings, it also has its drawbacks. The biggest problem I have seen with young players who use the Hit-A-Way is a tendency to leak their weight onto their front foot. I believe this is caused to too much anticipation as the Hit-A-Way uncoils. Additionally, younger (7-8 yr. olds) seem to want to uppercut on a the Hit-A-Way--apparently because they think it will help wrap the Hit-A-Way back up.

In light of my experiences with them, I don't recommend them unless used under supevision to avoid these bad habits I have seen them develop. Of course, if supervision is required whenever it is used, there are better options (live arm, tees, and hitting sticks). Remember it's not practice that makes perfect, it's perfect practice that makes perfect.

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