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In Topic: First Base Feet Placement

18 May 2009 - 12:53 PM

I agree with Skelly in regards to his technique and the part about dont listen to the old farts. Also, in regards to the technique it's how I was taught by some very good coaches. There is no "use one foot if the ball comes in from one side and use the other foot if the ball comes in from the other side" as you kind of described it.

1B goes over to bag and places both heels on the bag a little less than shoulder width apart. Then when the throw comes in, glove side foot goes out to position or stretches out to position. If from third base then glove side foot strecthes out that way if from second then glove side foot stretches out that way. Glove side foot from whereever the throw is coming from goes out at almost the last minute.

Hope this helps. And good luck to you.

In Topic: Little Leagu Rule

16 April 2009 - 10:16 AM

I'm not going to argue with you. I have umpired LL for 30 years and served on various league boards for 20+ years. I know the book allows local chapters to adopt their own rules (or modify them w/o a waiver) but I have neither the time nor the patience to look up specifics, which is why I called Indianapolis. The gentleman I talked to confirmed what I have read & understood and how we've run our leagues for years. Call the Indianapolis LL number and tell them you have a question about a baseball rule and ask for "Mike" (I called about 1 pm. EST). I have talked to him years prior so I know he has been there for quite some time. The only thing I ask is that you come back and be totally honest with his reply.

Hey a good ol' gentlemenly argument is good for the sole brother. A little back and forth. Anyway, I wasn't actually arguing per se. I know what I know and whether regional told you one thing or not, they told me another thing or rather were very elusive in thier answer to me. Having said that you ended your last reply with a "The only thing I ask is that you come back and be totally honest with his reply". Like I need to lie to you. I too am on a board both youth and highschool and have been involved at just about every level you can think of for 14yrs. Whatever that has to do with anything. Anyway, for what reason would I be anything but honest with regionals reply?!?!? What are you getting at????

I asked regional if any league could "make up stuff" as they go along without a waiver basically. Thier reply was to direct me how to get a waiver. Thats it nothing more nothing less.

And I still stand by what I said. The answer is flat-out NO. Leagues cannot supercede any WP rule without a waiver period, regardless of what regional may have or have not said to you or me. I'm not sure what it is your reading so let me ask you this.

Whats your interpretation of the following...

When a league applies for it's annual charter with LLI it pledges to abide by all the rules and regs of LLI. However unders special circumstances, it may become needed to apply for a tempaorary waiver of a rule or regulation. It is very important to remember that a league must not take any action contrary to Little League rules and regs until recieving expressed , written permission through the Charter Committee waiver system.

Is your interpretation that "I know the book allows local chapters to adopt their own rules (or modify them w/o a waiver)"

Let's be clear that I too think and know leagues can adopt thier own rules and regs in fact they are encouraged to do so. But that does not mean they can interpret or change rules however they like WITHOUT A WAIVER.


In Topic: Little Leagu Rule

14 April 2009 - 02:07 PM

OK, I have an answer for you. I just got the phone to Little League Central Region HQs in Indianapolis. Little League adopted the max 5 runs/inning rule 2 years ago and it applies to Minor League. I was correct. A waiver is not needed to alter this rule as Little League gives local leagues the right to adopt their own rules (he said to see page 11). He also said there are leagues that don't even keep score and that is their right so, in this case, whatever the local Association decides concerning run limitations can be binding, it is not black & white by LL rules. If you are santioned LL, you need to talk to the District Representative; if not, what your Association determines can be binding but, as told to me, it should be an Association decision, not implimented by one person. As I stated in my earlier post, our Association gives BOTH teams an equal scoring opportunity in the last inning. Locally the norm is to use a max 10 run rule limit in the last inning, pertaining to both teams, thus, if either team is down by 11 runs or more before their LAST at bat, it is considered a mercy rule and the game is over. Anything less, the game continues to its entirety. Hope this helps.

Page 11 states this: (among a lot of other things regarding rules)
The local league operates under a charter granted annually by Little League. The league is autonomous in the sense of having freedom to elect its own officers, finance its program and carry on various other related functions, but it must adhere SCRUPULOUSLY to all rules and regulations established by Little League.

It goes onto say your charter can be revoked or suspended if you dont follow the rules. It also goes onto to talk of getting waivers for rules the league locally intends not to follow in so many words.

I wont argue the fact that local leagues can adopt thier own rules. But I know better than a local league can interpret or "not follow" a LLI rule without getting a waiver. Its simply not true. I'd love to talk to whoever you talked to at HQ's I'm in the Central Region as well. Local leagues rules must be within the guidlines of the LLI rules. Especially a rule like this 5 run rule where its in the green book and clearly states 5 run rule. I'm not saying your wrong but I sure would like to talk to whoever you talked to at HQ cause I've never known any LLI rule where a local league can adopt or define thier own interpretation of a rule dictated by LLI. You must get a waiver for any rule you want to supercede or locally define. And this starts with your District Admin. Who did you speak to at Central Region HQ's?


In Topic: Little Leagu Rule

13 April 2009 - 02:42 PM

If we are talking Little League Inc. Chartered league and your 6-7 yr old league is chartered as a Minors League then yes the 5 run rule is a "real rule".

It's definatly in the Little League Incorporated Official Regulation and Playing Rules "Green Book". It's on page 53 and listed under the definition of "Inning". It was instituted last year and hasn't change in any way for this year. Officially there is no "open inning" if you will. EVERY inning is limited to 5 runs.

I will say this though - someone in your orginization may have put in for a waiver to allow "an open inning" but it aint in the book nor is it an official rule.

I just now read the other post here on this topic and I assure you local leagues can only change this 5 run rule "officially" if you put in for a waiver and have it granted by WP. Your league can obviously do whatever they want as far as local rules but it dont mean they are official or within LLI rules.


In Topic: First Year Coach Lookin 4 Sum Tips

08 April 2009 - 09:18 AM

Great advice by all. It's been a long time since I've posted here but this type of post always hits close to home. I can't add too much to the great advice you've already recieved but I will say this. Keep in mind that although they are only 6 even some of the advanced baseball "stuff" can be taught to them. It's all in your delivery and how you "bring it down to thier level". Obviously your not teaching run downs, lead offs, etc...even having said that though I dont beleive in "their too young to learn that".

Also, as I like to say, be a student of the game. Never stop learning. Start now with training your eye to know a flaw when you see it. Dont be results oriented. In other words dont always watch how far little Johnnys hit goes, keep your eye trained on the batter and his technique. It takes years and years of practice to learn how to see a flaw and know what it is your seeing. To "stay in the game" and not be a spectator. Any serious coach in my opinion should start right away in learning this very very helpful way of coaching if you will.

Not sure if this is against the rules or not but try what I tried. Go to www.baseball-excellence.com. This is still, to this day, the SINGLE MOST HELPFUL thing I did for myself in becoming a decent coach. Every where I've looked, all the videos and websites and books. I still to this day go back to that website and back to the videos I first bought on thier site.

Hope this helps.