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In Topic: Direct Snap

28 January 2011 - 09:45 AM

It depends on your league ruling.

On our league QB is not allowed to run, and ruling says that the first guy that receives the ball is the QB, so in our case if the Hb recives the snap he is automatically considered the QB.

Ill tell you what I did. On my 12-14 guys my Qb was also my best runner so I set up my offense out of the shotgun with one guy actually siting very close to the QB, this second guy was not actually a running back and did No running at all, I called it a flex back, he was doing escape routes, fakes and most importantly I set up a direct snap to this guy so he could hand off to the Qb and let him once in a while pick up the yards by ground when nobody was expecting it. Its not a wildcat but I called the play just for snap purposes cat, I drew up like 10 variations of the play but actually just ended up using 3of them.

Works really nice, on one game we actually got 2 Tds out of it, the secret is to play a lot of passing and then all of the sudden this snap to the flex Works great, just look out not to use it much, I called it out 3 o 4 time each game.

Success of it probably depends on the age group, I designed the plays for 12-14 guys since I ran 100% out of the shotgun, I also used it on 10-11 kids just in practice sesions and it seemed to work good, I didnt used the cat at game with these guys since my offense with this group was 100% singleback formation.
Good luck.

In Topic: Need Help With Basic Plays

25 January 2011 - 06:55 PM

I faced the same problem the past seasons where we faced very well trained teams with experienced players and coaches. I also tried misdirection plays, reverses, options and all sort of stuff that didnt work because off D aggressiveness.

By half season I found the way to move the ball and finally got the wins, What I mostly did on running is really fast direct hand offs, pass faking with delayed hand off to the RB and counter faking and delivering to the opposite side.

Ill describe two or three plays for you specially designed for 10&11 yr kids facing 2-1-2 D:

1) Direct fast hand off to the RB in between the CBs & middle defender (LB or NT), I kind of call it an Off Tackle running play, there is huge gap in between these defenders on a 2-1-2 so I mainly attacked this gap, it a strange play because Qb actually has to run a couple of yards parallel to the LOS and hand off to the RB (Qb hands the ball half a yard away from LOS). You can run it either side and after they are all mad about & have tighten their CBs you can add the reverse, this reverse is really special because Qb is the one running to the WR (who starts on a delay) and not the other way around, you can ad the fake reverse and fake hand off then pass to the sideline guy.

2) Back drop your Qb with pass intentions, send your WRs on deep and then after 3 secs Qb suddenly turns around and hands off to the RB who is just sitting there waiting for the ball, I called this a delayed dive. I love this play but before using it you have to show passing capabilities, it works great because D picks receivers up but forget about the delayed singleback.

3) Counter fake the dive with your HB & deliver the opposite side with you WRs on reverse, or do the other way around, counter fake the reverse with the WRs & deliver off tackle to the HB. This second one is awesome play, its like the first play I described for you but Qb stars on counter faking and then runs the like 5 yards to the off tackle Hb who started on 2 secs delay.

4) On the passing side fast passes on drags rest of the guys overload opposite side. Or Go rout on one guy and rest of the guys on short patterns. But the really killer on passing was I always used my singleback formation even on passes, so HB always started his rout on delay after backdrop, so D picks up the receivers and forget about HB which always ended up uncovered on short escape patterns.

I leave you a couple of these play progresions to one side.

In Topic: How Do I Stop The Run

17 January 2011 - 01:42 PM

I had the same problem on a 2-1-2 with older kids. I did as Orange suggests in her, I crashed/ pulled my Cb some yards to the inside field to contain the run & force inside, If Hb did get passed to the sideline I instructed Cb to tail hard behind and avoid the cutback while safety closes the sideline gap.

I eventually changed to another D setup.

In Topic: To Go Select Or Not....

25 December 2010 - 04:47 PM

I'm not going to pursue this league, as to us it is still about keeping all players equally involved

It would be interesting for an experienced coach and team like yours to go a step further. Cant you get involved in both leagues? Take your best 6 o 7 athletes to compete in the select league and your rookies and average guys in the rec league?

Its thought to coach two teams which Im doing, I think it would a good challenge for an experienced coach as yourself..

In Topic: To Go Select Or Not....

25 December 2010 - 04:39 PM

League started back around 7 o8 years ago as an NFL recreational league, the main goal started out to spread flag football around to different society sectors in a nation where flag & and football are not popular. As of now this purpose hasnt been achieved & the league has become almost exclusively fas an offseason option for the tackle teams, so in other word its a Select league that that sells out as a recreational league.

Problem is that teams like myself that take the initiative to go into coaching and to spread flag around to our sons and friends most of the time get discourage since they really get badly beaten down in the field, Im finding my way around but the majority of the ventures dont, so there more desertions than sport spreading going on.