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Option Pass Football.

29 November 2010 - 07:24 PM

I had some spare time between games on Saturday and I stop and watched last years 12-14 age group champ team, I know from one of the players on this team (played for me last year) that they use option pass routes, for one play they have two ore even three variations on the same play according to D reading (zone or man) and defenders depth standing, now these variations are set in action in the pre snap reading not on the next play. So I saw this in action and wow this blew me away, really advanced football, of course they killed their opponent, half time score was 32-0, good thing Im not facing them, Im light years away from that type of football.

So question is:

How do you build a killer offense like this?
Anybody on this forum is doing something like it?
If so how do I get started, what are de D reading queues and receiver routs based on pre reading?

Probably not much stuff in this forum since the main focus is on younger age groups, but if anybody got something it would be great.

Desperate Measures.

14 November 2010 - 08:15 AM

10-11 year kids- So we are 0-3 in the season and Offense is simply not working, It seems the systems is wrong. I got one guy who is outstanding RB but he is also the best Qb. As suggested from some coaches in this forum Im using options plays so he could run or pass and also fast direct hand offs to this guy.

So far we have No success in the option, as soon as he gets the ball the D guys at Los are all over him and as no time for passing, he always ends up running, we have been able to score once or twice each game by running, but is not enough since we get completely shot out in passing, so by shutting down this one guy we are lost.

In my mind thoughts of completely changing the system is wondering around, use this guy strictly as Qb so he can pass with less pressure since he would have to be rushed 7 yrd out and using an average guy as Rb for some running. We have a 15 day break in our league so I got time to make the change

I was wondering how many of you have dramatically changed your offense almost going into mid season and if has given you positive results?

Pass Defending Inside The Red Zone

04 November 2010 - 06:08 PM

I was wondering how you coaches where setting up your defense in point conversions or inside a no running zone. If your ruling is different then, how are you pass defending inside the red zone?

In my case I break our 2-1-2 defense into a quarter defense and one guy on the rush, I put my best guys at the corners since Qb usually rolls out. I would like to know if some of you are doing something deferent.

Problems On D And O, Need Help.

26 October 2010 - 06:06 PM

I had my 12-14 years guys all set for season, and all of the sudden my best two guys had to move out of town, one played Qb and the other one my best receiver, on defense both of these guys where my safeties.

So now only with two practice sessions left before kickoff league help me sending me two other guys so I wouldnt get left out of season, problem is I got no Qb, no safeties and two completely rookie guys that have never played before.

It looks like if Im complaining but Im not, my team and I just want to play regardless of the outcome, but Im kind of in a little problem setting up my new O and D system with only a week and a half prior to kickoff.
So here are my players:

Two rookie guys, very slow guys with no good running or catching abilities, they seemed to do ok last Saturday stopping the run against my 10-11 kids, problem is, in their age group its like 85-90% passing.

Two 13 year old girls on their second season, fist season on this age level,, we are the only team with girls at this age level, they are good players, but in this age level I think there will be some physical mismatch against the guys older than them. Girl # 1 is my center and short passing receiver, on D she did a great job containing run with the younger guys; she is a little slow but great D reader. Girl # 2, is faster and better receiver, on D she player safety with the younger guys, Im not sure he has enough stuff to be safety against really fast guys.

Guy Number 3: Twelve year old guy, second season , good fast athlete, Rb last season with the smaller guys, he also can do the QB, I tried him as safety last year but he gets overconfident and lets receiver go away, he doesnt like D much, played Lb last year.

My thoughts:

Offense - Qb guy # 3, short cross passing playbook, shotgun formation with RB, center can snap to Rb to hand off to QB so he can also de some running and option. Need your thoughts.

Defense: Completely lost here, before losing my two players as safeties we had a cover two and three defenses all players starting out in line 7yds away from LOS, two guys on the short passing and different blitzing packages.
Any directions and suggestions most than welcome.

5Vs 5 Offense Against A Quarter Defense

14 September 2010 - 12:46 PM

As I mentioned before now on my second season I will coaching two age groups, 10-11 kids are almost set and ready but now my concern is the so called juvenile group which involves players in the 12-15 age group.

So its totally a different package we been working on since we are moving now to a new passing dimension. From what I have seen and observed from previous seasons only as a fan I can basically tell you that most teams set up a quarter defense and one rusher on almost every play (5 vs 5).

Now I got a decent Qb and decent receivers, I was just wondering which pass plays and formations you guys think will work best against these type of defense, I taught of overloading a lot with trips but need you opinion.

I got my hand full now with my Flag football club, so I will be positing a totally different thread as son as possible. Thanks guys.