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Basic Throw-in Training

So many times with the younger age group, knowledge of the basic soccer throw-in is overlooked. It is very much an important part of the game and can provide many opportunities for your team.

Basic Training

  1. Partners with ball facing each other, each gripping the ball, pulling with the head up and feet forward, knees straight and locked.
  2. Partners with a ball facing each other and pushing against the ball.
  3. Partners with ball, seated 5-10 yards apart, throwing the ball to the partner's chest. Leg motion and foot movement is removed. Emphasize bring the ball behind the head.
  4. Partners with the ball 10-15 yards apart, keeping feet still, throwing the ball with the back and arms. Knees are slightly bent.
  5. No ball, work on foot dragging coordination with arm movements. Focus on bringing the ball behind the head. Limit movements to a couple of steps and then drag the foot.
  6. Partners with ball, 10- 20 yards apart depending on age. Complete throwin ahead of the direction the partner is going in. Then have them aim for the feet.



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