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Knowledge Base Home >> Youth Basketball Drills >> Mushball Drill

Youth Basketball Drills - Mushball Drill

Purpose: Great drill for working on free throw shooting and offense/defense close to the basket.

Line up one player on each lower block, the rest of the players form a single line at the free throw line, the first person in line has a ball.

The shooter shoots free-throws until he/she misses, scoring one point for each made shot.

Free throw lane rules are followed. On a miss all three players play to score. The person who rebounds is on offense, the other two are on defense. A field goal is worth two points. Players are not aloud more than one step out of the key. Play continues until some one scores, the ball goes out of bounds, or their is a violation of a player leaving the key. Then players rotate, the player who started on the right block moves to the left block, the player on the left block goes to the back of the line, the free throw shoot goes to the right block and play starts over.


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