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Knowledge Base Home >> Youth Basketball Drills >> Pass and Run Drill

Youth Basketball Drills - Pass and Run Drill

Great drill for working on moving to the ball, inbounds passing, shooting and layups.

This drill starts with two lines underneath the basket. The lines should be just outside of the free throw lane. A coach should be positioned three feet in front of the basket. A player should be placed on each side of the coach. The first two players in each line have a ball. On the whistle the player on each side of the coach heads to the basket, the first person in line makes a pass to the cutting player for a layup. As soon as the person in line makes the pass, he should run around the coach to the other side and cut to the basket and receive a pass for a layup. The player who shoots should get their own rebound. After each player has gone through the drill from each side, the coach should move back to the free throw line and the drill continues. (No dribbling is allowed).


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